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Calais Children: A Case To Answer

Fri 12 January // 20:00

Tickets: £5

A special screening in aid of Refugee Kids Welcome Cinema.

Refugee Kids Welcome Cinema provide weekly family cinema events for newly arrived families and unaccompanied minors - a chance to be immersed in film, make new friends and eat plenty of pizza and popcorn.

This film by Sue Clayton shows what happened to the unaccompanied young people in Calais in the months that followed the closure of the Jungle refugee camp, as they suffered delays, denials and dismissals from the UK Home Office, and were finally left abandoned in France with no support at all.

20% of profits from the night will go to the continued support of the children featured in the film.

80% will go to funding Refugee Kids Welcome Cinemas - to supply the films, food and transport for families.