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The Cube & Swamp Booking Presents

Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches)

Support from MXLX

Fri 10 March // 20:00

Tickets: £12 Adv/£14 OTD

Alex Zhang Hungtai 22.00

MXLX 21.00

Doors 20.00

Alex Zhang Hungtai, Taiwanese-Canadian composer extraordinaire. After retiring his project Dirty Beaches, he has been focusing on explorations of improvised music, soundtrack music and free jazz. His newer compositions predominantly works with saxophone, synthesizers, percussion and piano, furthering his research on ritualistic music of liminality. In recent years his appearances counted David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” and Cannes Film Festival, where his score for the movie “Godland” has been presented. 

Support tonight comes from MXLX, AKA Matt Loveridge.  Expect the unexpected, but ten-fold!

Love Theme | Love Theme (bandcamp.com)


Alex Zhang Hungtai - August At Akiko's - YouTube

Alex Zhang Hungtai - A Film Soundtrack - YouTube

Music | kindarad (bandcamp.com)