Bar Staff Role Guide

This is the bar staff guide to helping run the bar.


Turn up an hour before the doors open for the event unless it states to turn up earlier on the rota and wear clothes that you wouldn’t be terribly upset to get mildly beer-soaked.

Locate the bar manager, and tell them that you’ve arrived.

If you haven’t worked on the bar before, get them to show you where all the stock is and the basics of how to work the till.

Before the bar opens: you (and the bar manager) need to:

• Take out any rubbish and empty the bottle bins and ensure the bar is clean and fully stocked with glasses.

• Clean and fill the ice bucket.

• Check stock of milk, lemon and limes (go and buy some, if needed).

• Stock up the fridges, stack the snack shelves with all the snacks we have available.

• Clean up the Cube in collaboration with FOH person and any other free volunteers before the doors open to the public

How to make Cube cola:

• Check if new Cube Cola needs to be made recipe here if it does:

◦ Note; this isn't how to mix the final bottles of cola for drinking! This is how to make the syrup that then gets mixed with sparkling water to make the final product.

◦ Dissolve 1.5 bags silver spoon sugar (tesco metro sell this just down the road from the Cube) in 750ml boiling water.

◦ Once the syrup is clear, leave to cool. then pour in the cola concentrate (56ml/LARGE or 2x28ml SMALL).

◦ Finally, clean out cola syrup plastic flagon and pour in the new syrup with the help of funnel, return syrup to fridge.

During the shift, your main responsibilities (apart from flogging drink) are:

• To ensure that you don’t sell drinks to people who are clearly drunk.

• Don’t sell alcohol to anyone under-age, even if they or their parents work at the Cube.

• Don’t let anyone smoke in the bar.

• Collect empty glasses and bottles from around the bar, lounge, garden and corridor areas, as well as from the auditorium during intervals and intermissions.

• Wash up glasses, restock the fridge, keep the bar areas reasonably tidy and mess free.

• Make sure that the till roll doesn’t run out or get jammed, if it does tell bar manager or FOH.

Once the event / film is underway in the auditorium, the bar manager will often let you go in and watch (if there’s space.) Please be ready to go behind the bar when the audience leaves the auditorium – don’t just disappear!

At the end of your shift, you should help to:

• Tidy up the bar, restock the fridges, wash up glasses.

• Check with the FOH person what other cleaning & tidying needs to be done.

• Let the FOH person know when you leave, or if you don't have have to leave straight away stay for a drink and a chat!

On quiet nights, it may not seem so important to do these things but arriving to find a well organised bar is an absolute saviour for those working busy nights.