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The Nothing Factory

(A Fábrica de Nada)

Dir: Pedro Pinho, Portugal, 2017, 177 mins, in Portuguese with subtitles, Cert: 18 (TBA)

Sun 18 February 2018 // 18:30

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

One night, a group of workers realizes that their administration has organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff. Most of them refuse to cooperate during the individual negotiations and they start to occupy their workplace. So when the administration vanishes to their great surprise, they're left with a half-empty factory.

The Nothing Factory unexpectedly morphs from a vérite-like drama into a neorealist musical to pay homage to those occupations and self-management projects that were prevalent during the revolutionary period of 1970s Portugal and still strongly resonate within today current European social and political climate.

**** “There is gathering power as we peer into lives, conflicts and labour pains, in all senses, of a new-born industrial showdown.” Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

**** “Exploring workers' rights in an age of mechanisation and recession, this isn't always an easy watch. But it's played with spirit, filmed with integrity and is pleasingly full of surprises.” David Parkinson, Empire Magazine www.empireonline.com/movies/nothing-factory/review/

**** “A film which proves that you can fight the power while dancing at the same time.” David Jenkins, Little White Lies


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