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Sunday Soul Lounge Dayer


Sun 18 February 2018 // 13:00

Held in the bar/lounge area without an entrance fee.

What does Sunday mean to you? Family Lunches? Car Cleaning? Lawn mowing? a new meaning! Come and join us at the Cube as the Soul Syndicate and their friends take hold of the turn tables and play us some goodies! However, this being the Cube expect to be surprised by an interesting yet varied concoction of tunes that will take us the through Soul and R and B and at times beyond. The two watch words of the day will be dance and relaxation. So sit back or shimmy as the mood takes you.

Today The Cube aims to offer a sanctuary for those looking to recover from a hard weekend, draw it out or just relax. We will be enjoying some mod classic brought to us by Jason. Also the two Geoff's treat us to some soul and R and B to shake our hips to. Then Joe 'Elmer' and James Manu will be wrapping up  the day nicely with some wonderful tunes.