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Short Films + Discussion Panel

Thu 17 May 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

At this May's Cables&Cameras, you will find a mix of new and historic short films submitted for the big screen and a special panel discussion.

After the films will be discussion hosted by Adam Murray (Come The Revolution) with this years RTS director & producer award winner Michael Jenkins from 8th Sense media, Kam Gandhi and Elias Williams Mandemhood.


Black Star: Mila
Director Michael Williams.  dur. 3min / Year : 2017  

I consciously wanted to make a film that denied that without apology or explanation. It’s a love letter to black women and a meditation on this moment, part lullaby part reprimand, part fear part defiance.

Samurai Blood
Director Elias Williams  / Year 2018

Director : Esther may Campbell / Writer : Kam Gandhi

Sangeeta journeys from India to be with her loved one, but on arrival the unthinkable happens. Poppy explores grief and betrayal, creating tangible textures, emotion and atmosphere, in an alarmingly lyrical and mature short film.

The Mulatto
Director Timon Williams  / 2018

'When a young mixed race man is captured by a serial killer who only targets mixed raced people, he must come to terms with what it truly means to have both black and white heritage if he is to escape the nightmarish situation that he finds himself in...'

What Do You See
Director Bashart Malik / Year 20

Dark Skinned Girl
Director : Marian Edusei / Year : 2017 

This new film explores the prejudice that black girls often face from black men and how they deal with it  “No one likes dark-skinned girls, bruv.”

These are the powerful words that open director Marian Edusei's film Dark Skinned Girls, which explores the ways in which negative stereotypes around dark-skinned women permeate narratives in the black community.

Fresh Trim
Director : Adu Lalouscheck / 2018

What will you find on an average day at the furthest-from-average barber’s in the land? The land in question being the UK and the barbershop D&L’s in Holloway, North London, one of the last other-side-of-the-tracks neighbourhoods in the city

Ghost of Haiti
Director : Elias Williams / Year 2018 

A short film inspired by Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian revolution. Read more about the inspirations for the film here

Ghost of Haiti takes place in a purgatory France. A freed Haitian slave tears out the white tricolour from the French flag (representing the white slave-owners), and stitches the red and blue back together to form the Haitian flag. This is the true origin of the Haitian flag. Catherine Flon famously sewed together the first national flag of Haiti in 1803 and my film takes inspiration from this. I made the film in attempt to raise awareness to one of the most fascinating revolutions in human history. Today, Haiti is known as the place where the catastrophic earthquake happened. In 1804, it was known as the home of the most dangerous men and women in the world; rebellious Africans.

Music Video. Sign Kid - Feel The Beat
Director Kevin Walker  / Year 2017

The third sign song video released my own BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation of the song.

Music Video: Frank n Pete.
Director : Pierre Amiral / Year 2018

Tory Racism
Director Son Tribe Media  / Year 2018

Saturday Night Labour 

A left-wing comedy sketches drawing on grassroots talent in support of the Labour party 

Cables&Cameras is a new event with the aim to encourage and empower filmmakers of colour. It presents films made by black,Asian and minority  ethnic filmmakers. Providing a supportive space to network,collaborate and develop ideas it also hopes to inspire the next generation of filmmaker in Bristol. C&C is open to both professional and amateur film makers, including anyone with an interest in film. Get in touch to get involved.