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Black Pond

Mon 30 January 2012 // 20:00
Tue 31 January 2012 // 20:00
Wed 1 February 2012 // 20:00

(Mon 30th - Wed 1st / 8pm / £5/4/3 TTT)
(Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley / 2011 / UK / 83 minutes / Certificate 15)
Impressive dark comedy from first time directors Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley who have done incredibly well with only £25,000. Chris Langham reminds us how brilliant he is as Tom Thompson, a affable, slightly bewildered suburbanite who invites an eccentric loner back to his family home. When the man dies the family are investigated for murder and their story is told in flashback in spoof documentary style. It's a stylish film with a great script and fine performances throughout. Simon Amstell makes his screen début as a twisted psychotherapist and Colin Hurley is a revelation as the mysterious guest, who falls somewhere between child, mystic and sage. A masterclass in low-budget film making.

Chris Langham, Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley will be at the Cube for a Q&A after Monday night's screening. View the Q&A here: