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Bill Orcutt + Cian Nugent Band + Jessica Rylan + Posset

Thu 13 October 2011 // 19:00

(Thu 13th Oct / 7pm / £6)

Sit back for a thrilling ride into mad squalls of sound and deep wells of sonics. Featuring high-end acoustic guitar thrill, lush guitar tones and tunes, bent sound worlds of static plus experiments with analog synth modules. A ripper night of underground music mixing.

Bill Orcutt is from the legendary Miami trio Harry Pussy he now lets loose solo and acoustic - a hair raising trip thru a montage of guitar sounds and vocalisations - like a beautifully chaotic Sam Peckinpah gun fight.

Cian Nugent mixes suburban/coastal blues, traditional musics, late 1960s & ’70s singer-songwriter and the Takoma school in a deeply personal style.

The rather impressive Jessica Rylan produces custom built soundtracks that steer that great line between powerful urgent noise and blissful acappella experiments.
Posset flesh out collections of miniature collages, Dictaphone rants and blends noise and non-music components into captivating oddball songs.

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