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Circus Season: The Greatest Show On Earth

Mon 11 July 2011 // 20:00
Tue 12 July 2011 // 20:00
Wed 13 July 2011 // 20:00

(Mon 11th - Wed 13th / 8pm / £5/4)
(Cecil B. DeMille / 1952 / USA / 154 minutes)

To ensure a full profitable season, circus manager Brad Braden engages The Great Sebastian, though this moves his girlfriend Holly from her hard-won centre trapeze spot. Holly and Sebastian begin a dangerous one-one-upmanship duel in the ring, while he pursues her on the ground. Sub-plots involve the secret past of Buttons the Clown and the efforts of racketeers to move in on the game concessions. Let the show begin!

The film stars Betty Hutton and Cornel Wilde as trapeze artists competing for the centre ring, and Charlton Heston as the circus manager running the show. James Stewart also stars as a mysterious clown who never removes his make-up, even between shows.

Crammed with the real-life acts and thrills, as well as the vast backstage minutiae, that make the circus the glamorous thing it is and glittering in marvellous Technicolor—truly marvellous colour, this DeMille classic of the big- top is the dandiest ever put upon the screen.