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Cherry Kino Experimental Shorts

Sun 27 March 2011 // 20:00

(Sun 27th / 8pm / £5)

Cherry Kino: Wondermental Cinema!
presenting 16mm Artisan Films by Paolo Gioli!

Cherry Kino is the hottest DIY analogue film-making lab in the north of the land, also curating mind-blowing and exciting experimental short film selections as a staple at the Leeds International Film Festival, and through its
own lab work and workshops that are growing apace.
As a "maker, lover and shower of wondermental film", we are very excited that Cherry Kino will be coming down to see us at the Cube with this special shorts program, featuring the work of Paulo Gioli with introductions and Q&A.
16mm Artisan Films by Paolo Gioli!

This 16mm film screening celebrates a selection of work by Italian wondermental filmmaker, Paolo Gioli, on 16mm. Gioli makes films that renounce what he sees as the commercialism of film technology, and sheds usual filmmaking equipment in favour of simpler and more artisanal approaches, "weaning myself from a consumer technology, a toxin to pure creativity". For example, he has made some pinhole films by exposing using objects such as sea shells, his own hand, a loaf of bread, or even a walnut!

The multiple perspectives offered by his uniquely explorative structureal films give cinema the chance for a new beginning (or for a constant becoming). By whittling away the technology, he allows for a pre-original approach to the moving image - one where the act of becoming aware is intrinsically bound with the awareness itself. In short, Gioli is a phenomenological artisan, and his films are treasures to be perceived!