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Cube Quiet Night Bbq And Film And Pop Quiz - Cancelled

Sat 3 July 2010 // 20:00 (cancelled)

(Sat 3rd / 8pm / £2) - CANCELLED

Who played Susie Vargas in 'A Touch Of Evil'? Why did the American Stanley Kubrick shoot all of his films in the UK? Who was the 'English Rose', originally married to John Barry who later courted controversy indulging in a saucy duet with Mr Serge Gainsbourg? Who's name was Rio? And why was she dancing on the sand?

Come and join us for cakes, ale and a fun film and pop quiz with cinema ticket prizes for the buffest buffos and buffoons.

"I couldn't stand this bland sound any more, so I walked towards my deck to turn it off. All I could see was the B-side of the disc which had assumed a doughnut shape with the label on the outside rim, I reached for the arm which was less than one micron long but weighed more than Saturn, and time stood still...
I knew I had to escape, but every time I tried to flee, the record was in front of me"