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Steffen Basho-junghans Naoto Kawate & Alexander Thomas

Sun 4 July 2010 // 19:30

(4th July / 8pm / £6 in advance)

Continuing the Cube's engagement with the post-Fahey solo guitar tradition, we play host to Steffen Basho-Junghans, whose recordings, alongside those of other Cube favourites Sir Richard Bishop and the late Jack Rose, have graced most of that school's more important releases of late (Wooden Guitar, Open
Strings...what, you haven't got them? For shame.)

Basho-Junghans' music melds the American Folk and Indian Raga influences of his namesake Robbie Basho with playful and restless experimentation in extended technique. Nice as it is to kick back and revel in the dusty grooves of an old Leo Kottke LP, this is guitar playing that pushes the Takoma sound thrillingly forward.

Support from Mahar Shalal Hash-Baz member Naoto Kawate & King of the Theremin Alexander Thomas.