Pinhole Photography Workshop

Sat 19 March 2005 // 13:00

(Sat 19th / 1pm / £2.50 for materials & please bring a tin can & lid)
Pinhole cameras may seem something of an analogue anomaly in this day and age of digital dazzlement, yet local artists NEIL HALL and KYLA TICHKOWSKY have struck a blow for the back-to-basics approach to photography. Building cameras from tin-cans and gaffer tape in their kitchen, the two have created a beautifully off-kilter and quietly surreal vision of the world we all think we know so well. The exhibit also presents a challenge to you, the Cube public, to take up thy tins and snap: DIY posters and pamphlets will complement the photos, and a workshop will be held to help prepare you for the pinhole revolution!