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The Paper Cinema And Little Boat, Ed Dowie With The Cube Orchestra Presents The Lost World By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle And The Nightflyer

Sat 20 March 2010 // 20:00

(might be subject to change)
(Sat March 20th / 8pm / £6/5)

The Paper Cinema returns to The Cube for a highly anticipated collaboration with The Cube’s very own orchestra.

Charmingly lo-tech, with the cast of hand-drawn puppets magically brought to life in front of you, it’s a mix of inkblots, angle-poise lamps, video technology and improvised music.

In The Lost World four gentlemen set out on a head-long journey across a continent searching for the existence of pre-historic life. One is journeying to prove his findings right; one to prove the other wrong; one to win the hand of his sweetheart; and the last just for adventure.

The Night Flyer tells of a hero crossing the night on a mysterious train to find the lost girl of his dreams.

Not to be missed.