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Cinema Klandestino Presents When The Clouds Clear

Sun 7 March 2010 // 20:00

(Sun 7th / 8pm / £3/2)
(Anne Slick and Danielle Bernstein / Spain / 2008 / 77 minutes / subtitled)
When Clouds Clear is an award winning feature-length documentary that delves into one remote community’s radical resistance to a proposed copper mine that would level and destroy their way of life forever.

Set in the isolated cloud forests of the northern Ecuadorian Andes Mountains, the film is narrated by the founders and children of Junín who depict how the village’s daily life has been affected by copper that was discovered beneath their land. As two invading mining companies become increasingly brazen in their attempts to infiltrate and control the area, the community forms a united resistance in order to survive.

Some side with the wealth that the companies promise, causing irreparable divisions. They find themselves thrust into the dangerous battle against multinational invasion which brings corruption, splintered households, murder and arson as they fight tenaciously to protect their land and families.
The film will lead into a discussion about the consequences of state and multinational mining operations in Latin America.