Thee More Shallows + Angel Tech

Thu 31 March 2005 // 20:00

Controlled Conditions Presents THEE MORE SHALLOWS + Angel Tech
(Thurs 31st / 8pm / £5)
Hark at San Franciscan lords of dreamy downsound THEE MORE SHALLOWS. Second album 'More Deep Cuts' (Monotreme) blends technicolour-blue melody with adventurous sound collage and songs about mass graves. Ploughing the same emotionally fertile terrain as LOW, SPARKLEHORSE and YO LA TENGO, the TMS crop is as fresh as it is beautifully forlorn.

Having perplexed and hypnotized audiences for almost ten years with their genre-dodging hymns to modern life, ANGEL TECH appearances are currently select and few. Tonight they select us.
With sadness spun in the bar by local pest KNOWLEDGE OF BUGS.