An Evening With The Wicker Man

Thu 14 December 2006 // 19:00

(Thu 14th / 8pm / £6/£5)
Summer may be a long way from a-coming in, but nonetheless what better way to celebrate the upcoming pagan solstice than enjoying not one but two
incarnations of the 70s greatest horror film
Neil LaBute’s recent adaptation of the Shaffer script smartly re-locates the original action to Canada and sees ex-policeman Nicholas Cage following an ex- girlfriend’s distressed pleas concerning her daughter’s safety right into a pagan-feminist hornet’s nest (or should that be bee’s hive…?) Whilst lacking the startling rawness of the original, the re-make is a witty and smart re- think of the social and political subtexts of the original with a modern gender spin.

Robin Hardy’s 1973 original needs little introduction. From the pagan drone of the opening shots to the crackle of menace in the incendiary finale this obscure oddity has risen to the dizzy heights of cult legend. The greatest British horror film ever? Well, they gave it away free with the Guardian recently – need we say more?

Mead and folklore in the bar.