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Belleville Rendezvous

Sun 15 October 2006 // 15:00

Dir: Sylvain Chomet / France / 35mm / 80min / Cert:12a)
(Sun 15th / 3pm / £4/3)

Another promotion by Paul Wheatcroft to celebrate the joys and intelligence of cycling in Bristol. Come and laugh and wonder at this beautifully crafted great story.

Sylvain Chomet's Belleville Rendez-Vous tells the story of Champion the cyclist, kidnapped by mysterious thugs with only his hobbling old aunt and her trusty tubby dog to save him. The weird world of Belleville is a charming mish-mash of '50s New York and '20s Paris, beautifully drawn and gloriously animated. The soundtrack's shuffling rhythms and jazzy melodies will stay with you long after the cycle home. You don't have to wear Lycra to cycle to this event - just ride there.