Venn Festival All-dayer

Sat 3 June 2006 // 18:00

(Sat 3rd / 6pm / £15 for festival ticket)

With Stokes Croft choc-a-bloc with acts like Baba Zula, Cobra Killer, Male, V/Vm, Ariel Pink, Scion, Chris Corsano, Graham Massey (808 State), Kid Carpet and Team Brick, the following appear at the Cube.

Idyllic slo-mo ambience from this enchanting post-classical trio of
multi-instrumentalists signed to DIY outfit Häpna Records. Breathe deep their rural drift and intricate microcosmic electro-shift.

Songs that seem classic the moment you hear them float over you. Full of liquid, quivering vocal lines long the like of Jeff Buckley and Devendra Banhart - that good. Brosseau's playing elicits a hushed reverence from admiring listeners. Ssh wow...

Beautifully eerie bittersweet folk music. She has occupied a unique position in the history of British music, first as one half of famous pop-duo Strawberry Switchblade and later as a regular member of Current 93, Coil, and Death in June.
One to blow you away with the assistance of the cathode ray oscilloscope. His spellbinding elemental electroacoustic music is a sound and light phenomena via his live processing of instrumental and other live electronic sources.
A singular performance of outstanding fourth world Tuba playing. The Jimi Hendrix of the instrument. His joyous sound sends the audience into rapture. His playing partner include the Bolshoi Soloists, Derek Bailey, Loose Tubes, Kenny Wheeler, the Pan-African Orchestra and the Ghana Dance Ensemble.