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Wed 17 May 2006 // 21:00

(Wed 17th / 7pm & 9pm / £10 per show)

One of the most consistent and, dare it be said, visionary, artists of the last 25 years happens to be a reclusive 'outsider' musician from Houston, Texas. Over 50 releases to the name, all released through the equally enigmatic Corwood Industries, all recorded, released, packaged and distributed in the most self-contained and enigmatic of ways. He sings death blues, ballads and improvised songs with a voice that's as haunted as Robert Johnson. This is music from the ultimate void - vaguely related to genres like folk, blues and avant-garde but in the end it can only be the sound of Jandek. And there’s never been anything else quite like it.

There had never been any tours, interviews, or public appearances: just the "art itself", laid out hermetically sealed from the world in the form of the Corwood Industries discography - perhaps one of the most personally revelatory and deeply human bodies of work of any artist of the modern era - ...until 2004, when "a representative of Corwood Industries" appeared unannounced at Glasgow's Instal Festival. Since then he has performed a handful of shows across the world in various mind-blowing configurations - Chris Corsano, Richard Youngs, Loren Conors and Alan Licht have all played with him.

Tonight he plays TWO shows - one with a trio and one with a duo compromising of a special pick-up band.