Cube Cinema And Spike Island Present David Blandy

Fri 21 April 2006 // 20:00

Cube Cinema and Spike Island artist talks present

David Blandy presenting Radio Nights and You got me
+ DJS and MCs.

8.00 PM.
£3 FLAT.

Artist and Film maker David Blandy will be here to present his latest films for Art Angel alongside participants from the project.
Afterwards in the bar the future stars of radio will DJ and
MC. It's gonna be like an art /garage/ ragga/hip hop disco tonight at The Cube. It's like Passion* versus the art set !

David Blandy.

David Blandy's work deals with identity, the construction of the self through mass media, subcultures and his relationship with popular culture. His previous works have included being a hermit in residence,
reenacting the classic Father to son confessional (with the artists own father) from Darth Vader to Luke from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and making an alternate video for the Wu Tang Clan on the London Underground.
He has been selected for art show New Contemporaries and completed projects for Grizedale Arts.

Radio Nights 30 mins DVD 2005

Radio Nights is a documentary film by artist David Blandy and young people from the Avenues Youth Project in Queen's Park, London. It investigates the invisible worlds of the listeners and broadcasters of West London's rich radio culture, from late night call-ins to underground MCs tussling for airwaves, from the pirate innovators of the 1980s to the Grime stars of the future.

"Ya Get Me ? " 10 Mins DVD 2005

" Ya get me?" investigates street talk and underground language-
rhyming slang, hip-hop phrases, new inventions- words outsiders don't understand. The project was initiated by thoughts about how much
language defines both the self and community. A street talk
dictionary was also produced, which was compiled in collaboration
with the youth group involved.

* Passion is a radio station in Bristol.