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No Regrets

'La Vie en Rose' + Catherine Deas

Feature Film + Live Music

Dir: Olivier Dahan, 137 mins, Cert: 12

Sun 10 March 2019 // 17:00

Tickets: £6 advance, £7 on the door

An atmospheric, topical afternoon and early evening featuring the splendid 2007 film 'La Vie en Rose' and as a prelude Catherine Deas, accompanied by local musicians, will be presenting her own live musical tribute with some of Edith Piaf’s best-loved songs and other suitable numbers. A stylish double bill in the time of troubles.
As the Cube programme went to press, the outcome of Brexit still hung in the balance: this evening’s entertainment says ’Au revoir, mes amis’ to our nearest neighbours in Europe. Edith Piaf embodies the French culture of her time, and in the film “La Vie en Rose,” her life story has been captured by French director Olivier Dahan. The film won a Best Lead Actress Oscar for Marion Cotillard, as well as many Baftas.