Plug 58

Sat 27 May 2006 // 20:00

(Sat 27th / 8pm / £5 )


We start tonight's extravaganza with THE NATURALS. Hailing from our very own magical land of Bristol, they say they are just another young band playing that awful, loud and un-friendly noise that is good...sounds good to me!! Seriously check em out! They are great and so young it makes me sick and happy at the same time!

We then invite you to hear the fairytale sounds of RAMONA CORDOVA all the way from Kingman, Arizona. As a gift, when he was an infant, he received a little handmade guitar from Mexico. at 11, he began writing his own songs. then started working on a project where he would tell a story. a story filled with gypsies, magic, love and adventure. a story that just might become the backdrop to some of your greatest adventures.

And finally to send us off into to the season we have all been waiting for, we have SUMMER HOLIDAY who built a studio out of bubble wrap plastic and lived in a tent and recently kitted out a ford escort with a generator and little stage on the roof. Originally from up North then Amsterdam and now London. Summer Holiday are the morning after Simon & Garfunkel pulled Missy Elliot at a rave in Northern England. How very great!! I wonder if we'll get to see the car?

And to top it all off we have DJ EMILY BREEZE to help bleed our ears for the after show party!!

58 Records releases on sale!!

Arrive early to avoid disappointment!!