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The Psychedelic Society presents

Psychedelic Series: Mythology

Thu 1 November 2018 // 19:30

Tickets: £8 advance

Our culture is sick. Our bleary eyes focus on shadows, spectacle, impulse and temptation as we poison the earth into sterility and push our less fortunate siblings further into the dirt. We mistrust the habits and guidance of our elders, paying heed to the fire of angry voices and the numbing balm of digital prophets. In a post-truth world, a society without consensus, those who tell compelling stories hold the power. Sounds true, or true enough. From within our filter bubbles we have given power over our storytelling to marketers, brand consultants, ideologues and politicians. We look to short-term power-mongers for the answers to eternal problems, putting all faith in the dark angel of technological progress to deliver us from evil. Where is the timeless wisdom to be found? Are there truths about the human (and non-human) condition that persist across generations? What the f* is going on?

It is into this misenchanted world that we plant the seed of Mythos – a spell that's sung across cultures and generations. Tales of success and failure, evil kings and good queens, of shapeshifting, gender-bending forces of nature. Myth is where divinity meets humanity. Worlds that encode open-source knowledge of our experience, that teach us ethical behaviour without shame or punishment, that weave us together into a tapestry of social meaning. These tales reconnect us to a world populated by heroes and tyrants, gods and monsters, cunning animals, a wild world brimming with meaning and agency, where there's a place for the young, the old, the mundane and the mysterious. Come, let's explore this world that is ours, that is folk wisdom, that is fluid and inclusive, from which we can weave a new social fabric.

After our detour through divination at our Tarot event, join us for another night delving into the occult in the cosy confines of The Cube Microplex, Bristol's freakiest experimental venue. We'll receive an initiation into the world of myth from Dr Kurt Lampe of the University of Bristol, who will also conduct an oracular ritual with the help of some acolytes. Then we'll snuggle down for author and occultist Sarah Janes of the Explorer's Club, who will share her research on Myth, Memory and Dream and demonstrate for us the ancient technique of dream incubation.