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The Psychedelic Society presents

Psychedelic Series: Tarot

Thu 27 September 2018 // 19:30

Tickets: £8 advance

Over the past 100 years through the industrial and technological ages, humanity has made huge leaps of discovery, many things thought impossible were researched, proven and explained. If science is the knowledge of the measurable then the occult in the knowledge of the hidden.

'The fool emerges into daylight, eyes blinking he stumbles forward into being, flowing through the Major Arcana meeting magician, priest, death, the moon, learning many lessons & enduring many challenges along his way, till finally he reaches the World, the cycle is complete momentarily and ready to begin again.'

Archetype is alive in each one of us, we each embody different characters from moment to moment and we see in the journey of the Tarot reflections and mirrors of our struggles and triumphs. The Tarot is a way in which we can pull out each one of these characters and dance with them, bring them to the surface so that they breath and show us a moment of insight.

Tarot has been used in many ways by many different cultures, some say it's birth place was in 18th century France, whilst others speculate it's history reaches to ancient Egypt and the Kabbalah. What ever tarot has been used for, it is now becoming a mirror, a tool for insight & divination, a grounding practice for focus and advice. It is becoming many things in the ways it is being explored and used.

We'll be lead into the realm of the archetypes by the Faun, channelled by immersive theatre maker Andy Black. Spun out of the everyday and transported into a psychedelic kidnap experience courtesy of a film from Daniel Hernandez. Lead in a collective action by DIY priestess and ritual artist Joy Thunder. A divinatory drone performance from Al-Technoor, and to kick it all off an introduction from the Psychedelic Society's Alana Bloom and Rhodri Karim.


This autumn the Psychedelic Society of Bristol are diving into esoteric planes, exploring a range of themes that are perhaps not measurable and are instead experienced or felt. The occult might be seen as the queer little sibling of the mainstream, with the practices within occultism never quite fitting into the neat and tidy borders of modern science.

The Psychedelic Series is an array of experiential talks that explore and embody the possibility of altering our perception of reality through the mediums associated with occultism. We will traverse arcane landscape from Tarot, to Astrology, Mythology to Ritual, whereby we will absorb, speak, listen, create and debate how the practices associated with these different themes might stretch our understanding of the boundaries of our individual and collective experience.

Through our four events we are setting out to explore how mysticism has influenced humanity's perception of reality and our own consciousness as we travel the alchemy of occultism in its various forms, from the tarot to mythology, astrology and ritual. It is a space to be curious about the role of intention in the realms of magick and the role of intention in tripping or psychedelic ceremony. It is the chance to discuss how the various mystical routes, throughout history, have allowed us to alter and distort our perception of reality and expand our awareness and understanding of the universe.

Tickets £8 / Doors open at 19.30 
Any questions or queries please email Psychedelic Society