The Film that
Buys the Cinema

Contributing Artists

Jennifer Abbott

Canadian director, editor and media activist drawn to film to explode cultural norms and inspire change. 'The Corporation' exploded our screen in 2005 and reverberates through 2011 with the international eruption of the Occupy movement.

Bluescreen (Artist: Imogen Pettitt)

Imogen Pettitt entered her film into the open call for one slot and she was the chosen one. Since 2001 Bluescreen have proudly hosted Open Film Screenings of Independent Short Films at The Cube. Handmade, slick, Amateur, Pro, Pro-Am and beyond.

Craig Baldwin

Filmmaker, curator, and publisher living in San Francisco. A huge fan of microcinemas, for nearly 30 years Craig has programmed and produced OTHER CINEMA, a wildly eclectic mix of experimental, animation, essay, documentary, industrial, and psychotronic shorts at San Fransico's ATA Gallery. Craig screened works at the Cube presenting from the back row seats - Legendary!


Phew, El Beardy has had a super close collaborative relationship with the Cube since 2007, developing ideas that have gone onto international stages, such as the Montreal Comedy Festival and an official TED lecture. Took mr_h with him!

David Blandy

David Blandy's video, performance installation and comic work deals with his problematic relationship with popular culture, highlighting the slippage and tension between fantasy and reality in everyday life. David introduced his Art Angel Interaction commissioned film works 'Ya Get Me ?' and 'Radio Nights' in 2006.

Bristol Radical Film Festival

Bristol Radical Film Festival showcases contemporary and historical works of overtly political filmmaking. Its first festival was held at the Cube! As well as keeping audiences engaged with political film culture, it also aims to draw attention to progressive, community-based initiatives in the city.

Dagger Brothers

Demo after demo, bungs, bribes and blackmail...the Daggers have been hell bent on playing at The Cube for years. These two fit young men should be striding into stadiums and equestrian garments instead they are still fouling up The Cube with their filthy catchy pop songs and films.

Jem Cohen

A visionary who's atmospheric observational images have featured heavily in the Cube Programme. His subjects and his methods have been core. The 35mm print of the Fugazi document 'Instrument' had a proper run, 'Chain' with music by Godspeed You Black Emperor! was screened and recently 'Museum Hours' was shown on the big screen.

Mark Cousins

Mark came to Cube in 2010, inspiring the Haiti Kids Kino Project with his own film 'The First Movie'. He talked with infectious passion of the power of cinema in the hands of children. A mesmerising visit from the renowned critic, curator and maker.

Easton Cowboys

The Cowboys grew from a football team in '92 straight outta Easton, to become a big community of radical sports people, playing and socialising with good intent in Palestine, Rio, Mexico and South Africa. Long time friends of the Microplex, and like minded social rebels they party hard to raise awareness.

Steven Eastwood

Co-founded the arts laboratory event OMSK and the Volcano! Film Festival in the 1990s. A filmmaker and artist who works with fiction and documentary, he has recently completed his first feature Buried Land (in collaboration with Alan Rhodes).


Played the cinema as a 9-piece back in the hot June of 2005 and then went on to tour the world with orchestras, kids, brass bands and made the film 'The Ghost Of Piramida'.


Ekxtordinary musical Barb. His musical performances make it very hard not to adore his idiosyncratic ways. The legion of tapes, CDs and LPs add to this hiss love.

Eric Chenaux & Eric Cazdyn

Two arts and minds at the same time. Filmed at The Cube while on a 10 day residency. Both Eric's hail from Canada. One is a musician whom releases gorgeous music on Constellation, the other is a film maker and academic. Figuring new ways to make image and music melt together.

Fat Paul

Jazz Punk Connector. Clearwater/Swarfinger/Withered Man/Espionage/PIJ = Paul Is Jesus. He has taken the building and the Cube's workforce on many a Trip. On the last night of the 20th century he had Third Eye Foundation and Hacker Hugo and Foehn play.

Amy Feneck

An artist who works in many forms including film, video, performance, photography and writing. Projected an early work of at an early Bluescreen. Keen eye on 'Joan of Arc'.

Doug Fishbone

Artist Doug Fishbone uses satire and humour in his film, performance and installation works to examine consumer culture and the mass media in a critical and disarming way.

Josephine Foster + Gyda Valtysdottir

Blood Rushed the venue with poetry and song. An American dreamer and songwriter. Her and Victor's renditions of Lorca's songs on the big main stage will be remembered by all.

Hannah Godfrey

hannah_g is a writer, contemporary storyteller, and artist. The Cube Microplex is where she learnt how to make inspiration into perspiration, participation, and creation. She currently works at aceartinc. in Winnipeg. (which is all due to the Cube as well)


Highly personalised European history, politics, philosophy geography & pop culture lessons from the Cabin Bike rider. Via Faroe Islands / Denmark. All with tales of miraculous escapes from the Music Academy. Played Cube w/ Lawrence English.

Ciro Guerra

Screenwriter and director for La Sombra del Caminante and The Wind Journeys (Los Viajes del Viento), Ciro Guerra gives a nod to Colombian magic realism with his award winning work. Screened at the Cube in recent years, his films have been officially selected lots of film festivals. His third feature film is now in development SO is his short film for the Cube.

Liz Harris

Liz's mural is currently in the lounge at The Cube. Work she carried out at 'Play The Cube' in March 2013. She makes music as Grouper and in various collaborative projects. She lives and works in Astoria, OR.

Emma Hedditch

An artist who likes to work with others. Visited the cinema with the 'Staying Alive' event with Cinenova in 2003, and again for a panel discussion on collaboration at the amazing 'Independent Heroines'. Heavily influenced by politicised conceptual practice and feminism.

Stewart Home

Stewart Home is an English artist, filmmaker, writer, pamphleteer, art historian and activist. Shat on Cube Toilet and took a photo. Here in 2004.


Bristol Wednesday. May 17 2006. 2 shows in one night. 2 CD + 1 DVD

Ju Suk Reet Meate And Oblivia From Smegma

Established 1973, as LAFMS core group. So far over 100 people have performed and or, recorded with, or helped work on projects with SMEGMA. Some of these played instruments, rubber bands and made a joyful noise when the band filled the Cube's PA.

Katie + Kims Kitchen

Boho food fun. Delicious cooks that make sweets and savories that glisten and glow all the way to your hungry soul. This Scottish duo have fed many a Cube artist and lots of the Cube workers. Tuck in.

Paul Kelly

He took a trip to The Cube in 2011 for a Q & A and screening of 'Lawrence Of Belgravia' a six year year documentary study of the Felt / Denim/ Go Kart Mozart front man. Paul frequently has fruitful film collaborations with Saint Ettienne.

Braden King

'Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back' made VHS screening in 2000. Then Bradon visited the fire damaged closed Cube with Boxhead Ensemble for a post show party. His feature film, 'Here' (2011), starring Ben Foster and Lubna Azabal, premiered at the 2011 Sundance and enjoyed critical acclaim.

Leyland Kirby

V/VM or The Stranger. Xmas parties. Blowing up the music PA speakers. OST for 'Patience (After Sebald)'.

Andrew Kotting

Humanity with all it's beautiful flaws, curiosities and hybrid moments of creativity are on display in the many films of Andrew. On one of the Cube Magical Mystery tours we traveled into the Forest Of Dean and screened his 'This Filthy Earth' feature, in a barn.

Anna Lucas

London-based artist film-maker, Anna screened her 35mm short, ‘Airtalk’ at Cube in 1999.We’ve seen the new year in and danced in the bar with her! In 2009 Anna led us in a blind carbon drawing workshop in the auditorium darkness to a selection of movie clips.

Alex MacKenzie

Experimental film artist and founder of the Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images and The Blinding Light!! cinema in Vancouver BC. First in touch with the cube in the late 90s trading notes and strategies via the underground cinema network post, The Blinding Light!! was a huge influence for us. A decade later we were delighted to welcome him INTO the building to present his films and workshops on the material nature of film.

Joe Magee

A regular contributor of incisive images to 'The Guardian' for twenty years, he has also worked with Bill Bailey, and been commissioned by Bristol's fab 'Watershed' cinema. Many savour his keen eye. One heady evening in 2007 The Cube screened a Moving Image Retrospective of Joe's short films.

Andrew Mania

Andrew Mania is Bristol's own David Lucian Freud Hockney who has been described as a "Collector of curiosities" and that's what his art is, a reflection of his own fascinating family and personal history in the mirror of his myriad paintings, drawing, collages, films and assemblages.

Hisham Mayet

Sublime Frequencies co-owner. Maker of beautifully raw documentaries. Interviewed by Clive Bell live on stage and then digging Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh first ever European show from the backstage.

Cory McAbee

Key and cult Cube director. 'American Astronaut' is a regular feature here. His work reflects the functions of the Cube and he melds and melts with the Microplex's ambitious DIY stance.

Hugh Metcalfe

Wine & Poetry workshops in the building. Super 8 shows all the times. Fuck Off Batman and Bicycle Clip Sex on the stage. Hugh has brought it all to the Cube including The Worm Poet, Veryan Weston, Bucky, Larry Stabbins and Klinker stars old and new. Mis-chief, magic and maverick making all in one minute. Imagine.

Mike 'Tidy' Pearson

Lots of Skaters (sic) have passed through the Mircoplex. One nite about 300 of them over 2 'Girls' screenings. Tidy made killer local films. 50/50 - Film Maker/Skater.

John Minton

VHS decay, saturated distortions, micro-cameras everywhere. John has been projecting, filming and capturing Rock N Roll, atmospheric songs and jazz licks at The Cube for years. He has given The Savages, Portishead and Safteyword the magic touch up too.

Mississippi Records, Vanessa Renwick & Michael Hurley

A representative for the Mississippi Records label and record store, his name was Eric Isaacson, talked and showed films over 2 nights in summer of 2013. Michael Hurley, The Cube is calling you back, after the fine, fine show you played last time.

Maria Mochnacz

A super artist who has taken photos and made films via Cube channels. Her portfolio feat pictures and videos and live art productions. Worked extensively with PJ Harvey and various other musicians.

Bill Morrison

Pitted, fluid and rotten: as if the archive film was passing through acid on its way into the projector, Bill Morrison's captivating 'Decasia' revealed the cinematic qualities of decaying cellulose nitrate film to Cube audiences back in 2004.


This film features the wonderful author Michael Rosen speaking to Magnus. Nanoplex is the version of The Cube Cinema that accommodates and makes way for young minds, encouraging active learning, creativity and providing opportunities for young people to help build and create their own culture. Hosting workshops, cabarets, film screenings and gigs.

Chris Petit

Former film editor of Time Out, novelist and essayist, Chris Petit made one of the most distinctive debuts in British cinema with 1979’s Radio On (the first film the Cube ever screened). After major experimental collaborations with Iain Sinclair, Petit is now involved in a form of post-cinema, framed by his conceptual anti-institute The Museum of Loneliness.

Rozi Plain & Francois

Long time Cube doers making a minute together. François; artist, filmmaker and ex Cube volunteer who made films, recorded albums and tore tickets in the building. Rozi sings beautiful short songs, so short you want to hear them again. She has appeared in numerous guises at The Cube, once supporting Michael Hurley.

Tim Plester

Tim starred in 'Doctor Who', 'Its All Gone Pete Tong', 'September', 'Kick Ass' and more. His award-winning doco 'Way Of The Morris' played the Cube in 2012, kicking up spit and dust with live Morris dancers.


The members of vital, west country based band Portishead have been long-time supporters of the Cube. Fanatical film-lovers and makers of truly cinematic music, some have played from the Cube's stage over the years, and it goes without saying they've been an inspiration to the Microplex workforce.

Project Dark

Kirsten Reynolds and Ashley Davies as Project Dark played at the Cube back in 99 and exhibited their 'Excited By Gramaphones' series of record discs using unusual and impossible materials.

ICHI & Rachael Dadd

A duo film from two performers that have regularly performed at The Cube, recently starring in some sell out Nanoplexes. The much loved Japanese crazed circus cum music performer ICHI with long time Cube head Rachael Dadd add their idiosyncratic, gentle touch to the proceedings.

Ben Rivers

"I've known The Cube since it's very beginning, because a few of us had started a similar venture in Brighton around the same time - and so we sometimes shared programmes and performers coming on tour from other shores. So it was a lovely thing to have my first feature show at The Cube for a short run. I wish there was a Cube in every town in the country - it would feel wonderful to know that it's home in Bristol was permanent." Ben Rivers is a film maker.

Eugene Robinson

No Holds Barred: Musician/Wrestler/Writer/Oxbow

Nicolas Roeg

The film director whom fell to earth to manifest cinematic performances that seem to dreamily manifest before your eyes. A fine, fine visionist and time bender whose 60 second composition bears witness to his legendary powers. Very honoured to have Nic be part of this ever changing project. Eureka.


Through moving images UK artist duo, Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt, explore the material nature of all things. Combining data, technology and philosophy, Semiconductor push the frontiers of visual language to travel deeper into the bowels and heavens of our universe.

Rasha Shaheen

Some nights Rasha would pretty much run the Cube. Musician (Mooz/Liftmen), tour manager, usher, sound woman. Inspirational.

Coral Short

Coral Short has creating films internationally for the last 15 years. Lately she has become obsessed with creating a new video every week for: She and her countless projects move at the speed of light; ironically she is the most still when she travels. She spends a fair amount of time dispersing her magic around the globe - in the air, on railroad tracks and highways.

Louise Short

Louise Short is admired greatly by many at The Cube. Her work involves curation, exhibition organisation and consultancy, and she is instrumental in initiating debate, and making opportunities for artists to realise new work. Her curation at the Station (, a former fireboat station on Bristol docks, involved some key artists based at The Cube.

Ben Slater

To many Slater is a writer, lecturer and curator based in Singapore since 2002. Before that however he happened to programme The Cube, bringing his distinct cinematic sensibilities to the venue's big screen. Since then he has written on film for a number of websites, books and publications. His first book, about the making of the 1979 film Saint Jack, titled 'Kinda Hot', was published in 2006. He was a script editor and consultant on the feature films Helen (2008) and HERE (2009). Slater abides in Cube history for ever,

Michael Smith + Tom Stubbs

Tom -"I worry about our collaboration, that there wont be space for me to have a creative idea. Michael thinks I am just a technician." Michael - "I am currently an artist both by pencil and Photoshop, as well as a film-maker, I also wish to be a God… there Tom, happy now? I've sold myself like a whore!" Michael and Tom are making their first feature with 104films in 2014

Jack Stevenson

Legend in his own lifetime Jack is a prolific collector of cult celluloid weirdness as well as an author, programmer and propietor of his very own cinema in Copenhagen. A huge inspiration and source of material for all the kindred Cinemas across Europe who now form the 'Kino Climates Network'.

Peter Strickland

Peter left England to make his first feature film, the award-winning Katalin Varga in Transylvania. His long-awaited second feature Berberian Sound Studio was a compelling meditation on sound, horror and madness. He's one of the UK's most distinctive makers of cinema. While both his features played at the Cube, the band that he's part of, Sonic Catering Band almost played here many years ago.

Dudley Sutton

Super famed actor of stage, screen and TV. Dudley is a loved rogue, raconteur and artist. From Joe Orton to Albert Square, Lovejoy to Skins, Chelsea Arts Club to the Bristol Old Vic, Dudley is a born entertainer. After the 2 nights he has performed his one-man-show at the Microplex Mister Sutton has become a hero to this Cubic enterprise.

Jennet Thomas With Leo Chadburn

A maker of films, performances and installations exploring the connections between everyday, fantasy and ideology. Emerged from the anarchistic, experimental culture of London's underground scene in the 1990's. Founder member of The Exploding Cinema Collective. Special collaboration with Leo Chadburn aka Simon Bookish

Thought Forms

From Venn to Invada, making a West Country noise.

Tony Grisoni & Oona Grimes

Grisoni is screenwriter of cult films such as Terry Gilliam's 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas' and 'Tideland' as well as 'Brothers Of The Head'. He has adapted David Peace's novel 'Red Riding' for TV/Film and collaborated with Brain Catling on the genre busting 'Vanished – A Video Seance' . He also makes short films...this might be his shortest. This contribution has been made with artist and frequent collaborator Oona Grimes, who is a seasoned creator of multi-media work and oft-educator at a number of British institutions.

S Warwick

From 'Extended Play' for 4 odd hours for the May Fest closing party to a condensed min film jam. Steven Warwick is a Berlin based performer, also known for his work in the duo, 'Birds of Delay'. The music is thought out and simplistic loops which are then sent into varying playful interactions. Active in the club, art and music scenes, Warwick's work is one existing in a liminal space, meditating both at once in real time and the "just past".

Reggie Watts

US comedian and musician Reggie Watts's Cube relationship began via Bristol Old Vic's international improvisation festival, he has since regularly returned, once describing himself as "an orbiting satellite of the Cube", he described the Cube itself as simply, "Dope."

Joff Winterhart

With a folder full of comic characters and a heap of ideas Joff jumped into The Cube years ago. Now he is a book illustrator of 'Random House' fame however it is as the beat banger in the 'Bucky' music duo that Joff gets most Cubic. Brings all into life.

Richard Youngs

'No Fans', no matter, he has programmed Supercollider with Luke Fowler at a 'Play The Cube' and knocked out songs with Alex Neilson at a Terrastock event. Productive producer.

Andrea Luka Zimmerman

An artist filmmaker and cultural activist. She has been producing and directing her own films since 1998, originally part of the collective 'Vision Machine'. She is currently in production with her new film 'Estate, a Reverie'. A keen lecturer and teacher in education circles, she is known to The Cube as being core to the inspiring 'Fugitive Images'.