The Film that
Buys the Cinema  

M a n i f e s t o

The Film That Buys The Cinema is helping The Cube Cinema Microplex, Bristol, England to purchase the building it has been housed in for 15 years from its current landlord.

The Film That Buys The Cinema is connecting with lots of the films, fictions, facts, peoples and places that the Cube Microplex has worked with.

The Film That Buys The Cinema project is asking 70 people (film makers, musicians, activists, social groups, performers etc etc) who have links with The Cube to contribute a 1 minute single take shot they have directed.

1 single take 60 second shot x 70 = 70 mins of feature film.

The Film That Buys The Cinema aims to secure a historic building (theatre, arts centre, cinema and social centre) so it cannot be developed for other uses.

The Film That Buys The Cinema is part of The Cube Freehold Project.

This co-operative capturing of light and sound will be edited together to make a one off 70 minute film.

This multi-dimensional set of materials will be sold by its particular elements and some exceptional extras to raise money.

This feature will be screened in cinemas and social spaces/clubs all around the globe.

This exercise in entertainment is an experiment in social cinema exhibition and distribution.

This AV art project is a concept that has never been done before.

This cinematic experience is suggestive of The Cube's history and intent.

This projection will represent the local as well as the international.

This set of stills and sound is a tribute to the people that have come through The Microplex.

This stock is cultural capital to be sold.

This divisive propaganda piece will raise awareness.

This dream-machine will fundraise in a totally immersive, full-on way.

This film will be distributed world wide and represent.

This movie will remain on digital format.

This is

The Film That Buys The Cinema