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We did it!

Wednesday 11 December was an exciting day for the Cube - around £10,000 of donations poured in over the course of a single day, pushing us past the amount required to buy the building. But it doesn't stop there... the fundraising continues so that we can bring you a better, brighter, future Cube. Find out about our plans for the surplus here.

Thank you so much for all your donations so far, please keep 'em coming! If you're out of ideas for Christmas presents, might we suggest a Nanoplex Lullaby CD, a freehold raffle ticket (see below) or an investment into The Film That Buys The Cinema?


The winning numbers have been drawn for the CUBE FREEHOLD RAFFLE. The BIG prize was won by ticket number 93.

Cube Freehold Lottery drawn via shamanic divination from Cube Microplex.

Runner up prizes are going to ticket numbers 27, 33, 38, 53, 70, 75, 140, 142, 144, 157, 179, 216, 238, 239, 263, 273 and 290. Congratulations winners! We'll be contacting the winners in the next couple of days. Big thanks to everyone who bought a ticket - all proceeds will go to the building project.

The Film That Buys the Cinema

The Film That Buys the Cinema (FTBTC) is a 70-minute feature film comprised of one-minute takes - no edits - celebrating the Cube Microplex and helping us with our final push to buy our building and secure our future.

Each minute is shot by a contributor who's passed through the Cube and is special to us: they include filmmakers, musicians, poets, amateurs, wrestlers, radicals, community groups and more. Look here for the ridiculous list of names involved.

Visit to find out more, and become a part of cinematic history.

CubeWeevil now on sale - last few available

BUGBRAND has produced a limited edition electro-sonic instrument to contribute to the Freehold Campaign - the 'CubeWeevil', a noise'n'drone machine full of chaotic and analogue life designed both to celebrate and support the Microplex. 50 have been created and a cut from each sale goes to the cause.

Click here to order your CubeWeevil now.

Tom Bugs says:

Why is the Cube so special?- Reading the Cube's own description, the word that sticks for me is INDEPENDENT - this is a place that has run for almost 15 years with no funding and staffed entirely by volunteers. Diverse directions have come from every/some/no-one - I think that instils freedom, chaos, wonder and LIFE - that's pretty damn special in this day and age! On a more personal note, I spent several years helping out regularly and that involvement is still in my blood informing my work today - I can trace routes from doing sound there back when I'd just made my first batch of Weevils (late 2004, I think?) to where I'm sat typing (..trying to..) today in Sweden. To me, the Cube continues to show that the concept of a 'proper' way can often be blinkered - whether designing electronics, doing live sound or running a business, much better to learn through doing, drawing ones own map and rolling with the changes that life conjures.
Oh - what a space, such wonderful people and so many memories!

Anonymously donated Banksy print up for auction

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor we will be auctioning a signed, framed, Pest Control-authenticated artwork from Banksy's Di-Faced Tenners series - quite apt, as it's rumoured that Banksy frequented the Cube in the early days. The print is being sold (via Bonhams) at a modern art auction next March; whilst the sale won't happen in time for our December 31st deadline, the proceeds from the print will still go directly into the Freehold project.

Read the BBC article to find out more.


We are extremely pleased to announce a pledge from the David Family Foundation of an incredible £25,000 towards the cost of acquiring the freehold, contingent on us raising the full amount.

September's "Don't Look Now" fundraiser at Bristol Old Vic raised £4,852 for the Cube Freehold fund. Thanks again to all those who performed, the tech staff, the Bristol Old Vic for hosting us and everyone who attended who made it such a special evening.

We are also thrilled to announce that Cube neighbours Artspace Lifespace donated £1,000 towards the Freehold fund, and held a record pop up shop and cafe at the Island raising a further £50. Artspace Lifespace said

"In support of a fellow independent arts organisation, Artspace Lifespace is donating £1,000 to help towards the purchase of the Cube Cinema's home. It's an inspiring sight to see a sustainable cultural business take a huge leap towards permanency, and for a building to be taken under the stewardship of an open and active co-operative. We wish for a long and prestigious life for The Cube, and hope many other worthwhile projects will follow in its wake."

Cube Merchandise

We now have Cube T-shirts, tote bags and badges for sale. Our two T-shirt designs are available in a range of colours and sizes - mens and womens are £12 each, childrens Ts are £8. Tote bags go for £6 each, and badges are just £1.