16 - Meanwhile (2017) - Keef Chemistry/Cube Orchestra

Music track recorded 20 July 2016

  • Jean-Michel Maheu: Vocals, Effects
  • Natasha Rosling: Vocals
  • Marcus Valentine: Keyboard, Vocals;
  • Keef Chemistry: Percussion;

I love it when only a handful of musicians turn up to a session. Jon Shepherd was around, but not on stage at the time, so the four of us were left to get on with things. In fact, only Marcus is actually playing anything much, employing a little-used setting on his keyboard providing washes of sound. It's Jean-Michel who steps up to the plate, commandeering my iPad to deliver a narrative on the theme of cats. As he speaks his finger glides over the echo pad and we're transported into his world, with echoes from Natasha and odd beats from myself. Quite where all this stuff comes from is a mystery only Jean-Michel understands fully, but an engaging story unfolds worthy of any sci-fi screenplay. In fact, this track is featured in a Cube Orchestra video, starring Kitcat the cat! You can hear someone walking around the auditorium, occasionally tearing of strips of gaffer tape. Don't ask me what they were up to ...