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Wren, Fvnerals, Cegvera

Sun 2 July 2017 // 19:30

Tickets: £8 advance, £10 on the door

WREN are a London based post metal and sludge outfit. Their last EP Host, out on Holy Roar records, found them combining Neurosis, Isis and Cult of Luna style guitar riffs, abrupt and dissonant, with heavy gruff barked vocals.

Tonight Wren are touring with their new album, also out on Holy Roar, which if in the same vain as their EPS will be as bleak as it is heavy.

FVNERALS formed in Brighton 2013, and since then have recorded two EPs and two albums of darkly negative, doomy shoegaze. The music they play creates a noire sounding world, with drones, and echoy, smoky vocals full of sorrow. Heaviness is created as much by the sparse arrangements as the sometimes crashing guitars. It is full of moodiness.

CEGVERA hail from Bristol, releasing in 2016 Fractals, an epic album of heavy psychedelic stoner doom. With a member of Vinnum Sabbathi, this trio have already found that groove so many bands in this genre struggle to achieve, the future for these guys is promising to say the least.

Tickets from Bristol Ticket Shop and Here Shop And Gallery.