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Witch Please presents: Fishy

Fri 14 December 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £6/8 advance, £8 on the door

FISHY is a show about plastic pollution. It is a fantastical queer imagining of a chemical landscape where life is evolving into surreal new forms.

From Edythe Woolley, winner of Man Up 2017, The Glory’s Drag King competition and performer at Buzzcut, SPILL and Camden People’s Theatre, FISHY is a playful and bizarre exploration of the effect plastic pollution will have on our world, our oceans and our bodies. Edythe last graced the Cube stage in May 2017, diving knife-first into flesh-addled femininity with Did You Get That From Your Mother?

Someone fished a fish once.
And found 17 bits of plastic in it. 
If you cut me open 
you’d find plastic in me too.

As time passed the ocean
turned (like my insides) 
from water 
to a thick plastic soup. 

With no fresh food bloated fishes 
floated to the ocean’s jello surface
with their stomachs 
turned up.
My stomach was aching. 

The earth’s storms became constant.
Winds whipped the congealed ocean surface 
throwing the dead fish and plastic dregs 
up into the dark and wild skies

In the depths below the untamed, synthetic waves 
something stirred.
I felt it in my loins 
I felt it clawing, 
crawling into
the future. 

More info at: www.edythewoolley.com


just before we curl up in our dens, entrances guarded by the white lace fringing of winter's icy dribble... before the sea freezes over, before that which moves is revealed in stillness, before the light dims to the point where it can no longer penetrate our murky depths... we offer you a night of contemplation, of queer bodies, synthetic cryptozoology and non-human advocacy. an opportunity to attune ourselves to the chimeric spirit of the anthropocene. they say we know less of the ocean floor than we do of the moon's tidal face. join hands and prepare for the bends as we travel downwards, darkwards.

the usual WITCH PLEASE vibes will be emanating throughout the nite, but we'll be finishing at the downright sensible time of midnight. our rites + revelries proper return in february, as we crack open the false egg of discontinuity with DESIRE.

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