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Crick Crack Club Performance Storytelling presents

Wise Ones Wild Ones

The Cinema Of The Imagination: Fairytales For Grown Ups

Thu 13 February // 19:30

Tickets: £10 advance, £12 on the door

Performance Storytelling with Clare Murphy, Nell Phoenix & Tim Ralphs

Ever wanted to get in touch with your wild side? Are you sure...?

Come and spend a night in the company of the crone at the edge of the village, the hermit, the sage, the shaman, the manipulative guru, the Zen monk, the High Priestess, Baba Yaga, Yoda, Iron Hans, Circe... They're sometimes wild, often wise, and whether you should take their advice remains to be seen.

Clare Murphy, Tim Ralphs & Nell Phoenix deal the first card in the Crick Crack Club's Alternative Tarot, take you to play with the wild ones in the wood, and explore why these potent characters populate our myth, our fairytale, and our psyche. Who will you trust?

Welcome to the Crick Crack Club's Alternative Tarot! From flawed epic heroes, the petulant pantheons of myth and the masks of the fairytale mysteries, to the tropes of Hollywood Blockbusters and the journalistic glamory of the news - we're surrounded by archetypes and their shadows - figures that encapsulate recurring patterns of behaviour. By definition they're clichés and we need them to make stories work!

'the Crick Crack Club is something special!' A YOUNGER THEATRE

Doors: 7:30pm (starts 8pm)
Tickets: £10 advance / £12 on the door (£1 life-long Cube membership payable on the door)
Suitable: adults (14+)