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Qu Junktions at 20: A Hawk and A Hacksaw + Mija Milovic + Tom OC Wilson + Punksi (DJ)


Fri 27 September // 20:00

Tickets: £15 adv

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Qu Junktions turns 20 this September. Come celebrate with us on Fri 27 & Sat 28 September at two special events dreamt up by collaborators past and present.

Friday 27 September at The Cube - a vintage Qu triple bill featuring cult New Mexican folk duo A Hawk and A Hacksaw, genre-splicing Danish/Montenegrin 6-piece Mija Milovic and Knowle-born DIY pop auteur Tom OC Wilson (aka Freeze Puppy), plus a gentleman named Punksi playing gramophone records in between/afters.

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW began in Saumur, France in 2002 when Jeremy Barnes, burnt out by playing the drums in Neutral Milk Hotel, picked up the accordion and became obsessed with folk music from Romania, Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, and Turkey. In September 2004 Qu Junktions emerged. In 2005 A Hawk and A Hacksaw played Venn Festival at The Croft (now Crofters Rights) as a duo featuring Jeremy and his partner violinist Heather Trost. Qu has been working with them ever since. Over the years the band relocated to New Mexico, played all over the world, collaborated with the likes of Beirut and Fanfare Ciocărlia, and set up their record label LM Duplication. They have played at street parties in Easton, rehearsed at The Cube with the Hun Hungar Ensemble and performed a soundtrack to Sergei Parajanov's classic film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors at The Watershed. We are made up to have coaxed them back onto the road for this special show.

MIJA MILOVIC is a Danish/Montenegrin musician, composer and producer based in Copenhagen. Her second solo album Still Life, in the spirit of Qu's favourite music over the years, collides together sounds into a wondrous concoction: from 90s grunge/alt-rock to renaissance-like melodies, housed within anthemic pop structures and sliced up with contemporary collage technique. Strange yet ever so familiar, like a band dreaming of each other - a dream made real at The Cube tonight via Mija's 6-piece ensemble.

TOM OC WILSON is the artist name of the Knowle-born musician who first became known to Qu in 2004 as Freeze Puppy; an adventurous lo-fi pop project of rare warmth and spirit, upending tropes of composition and performance in the most joyously unforced and open-hearted way. After adding zing to various bills for Qu and releasing the magnum FP opus Animation (hunt it out on streamers) via the Pickled Egg label in 2009, Tom moved away from Bristol, and away from Freeze Puppy, developing his songcraft via study, performance and collaboration. We're very pleased to invite him back for a special acoustic performance featuring brand new Tom OC Wilson material, peppered with some Puppy classics.

PUNKSI aka Ed Siebert ran Clean Cut Records, was part of Toxic Dancehall and is a jolly and decent stage manager. As a DJ he played a bar shaking set at Melt Banana's alarming Fleece show in 2005. He is an old friend of Qu. Tonight he plays his gramophone.