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Marisa Anderson and William Tyler

Sun 21 August 2022 // 17:30

Tickets: £10\£7 (adv) £13\£10 (door)

Are you a fan of guitars and Americana? The Cube is honoured to present to you a duo of mastercrafts people that will light up the stage here for another unique evening at the Cube.


Louie Newlands supports tonight, he plays improvised acoustic Guitar music that, whilst heavily inspired by the American Primivitist movement, has its own distinct style which stems from a lack of formal training and 8 years drumming for free improv band Mildred Maude. He has played numerous shows around Bristol in 2022, with no two sets being the same.


Both come here fresh from what promises to be a storming set at The Greenman Festival. However, we now offer you the chance to dee these two in the small, intimate space that is The Cube.


Marisa played the Cube as part of a Mississippi Records showcase about 6 years ago. Made a album with Jim White from The Dirty 3.


William Tyler was in Lambchop and just did the music to FIRST COW a film by the wonderful Kelly Reichardt.


Guitarists Marisa Anderson and William Tyler distill deeply rooted and varied traditions into distinctive voices all their own. Anderson and Tyler are each unyielding in their desire to extend through those traditions and the confines of “guitar music” to craft music at once intimate and expansive, conversational and transcendent. The duo’s debut collaborative album tethers together their singular voices into unified narratives that glisten, drive, and sway. On Lost Futures, Anderson and Tyler’s guitars dance through lush arrangements and pastoral duets serpentine and reverent.


Across Lost Futures, Anderson and Tyler mold their instruments into breathtaking panoramas of blight and bliss. Each movement contains a dense biome of transportive sound. The duo’s music together reckons with mounting pressures as well as the joy of newfound friendship and gratitude for being able to play together. In tandem, Marisa Anderson and William Tyler have composed a work of remarkable breadth, brimming with resplendent odes of solace.