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Crick Crack Club Performance Storytelling presents


Fairytale for Grown-ups - An Alternative Tarot! with Daniel Morden, Sarah Liisa Wilkinson & TUUP

Thu 21 May // 19:30

Tickets: £10 advance / £12 on the door

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Don Juan did it all the time; Romeo & Juliet did it in secret; Blue Beard couldn't stop doing it; narcissus would have liked to do it to himself; who knows how mermaids did it, and then there are those who arduously don't do it at all.

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson, Daniel Morden & TUUP deal the second card in our Alternative Tarot to lay bare the femme fatales, the star-crossed lovers, vampires, addicts, bed-post notchers, narcissists & mirror gazers. Meanwhile, at the controls, Venus & the Moon look down and admire their handiwork.

Welcome to the Crick Crack Club's Alternative Tarot! From flawed epic heroes, the petulant pantheons of myth and the masks of the fairytale mysteries,  to the tropes of Hollywood Blockbusters and the journalistic glamory of the news  - we're surrounded by archetypes and their shadows - figures that encapsulate recurring patterns of behaviour. By definition they're clichés and we need them to make stories work!


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DOORS: 7:30pm (starts 8pm)

TICKETS: £10 advance / £12 on the door (£1 life-long Cube membership payable on the door)

SUITABLE: adults (14+)