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New Year New You

Donkey Skin

(Peau d'Âne)

Dir: Jacques Demy, 1970, France, 90 mins, Cert PG

Sun 14 January // 15:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

In this lovingly crafted, wildly eccentric adaptation of a classic French fairy tale, Jacques Demy casts Catherine Deneuve as a princess who must go into hiding as a scullery maid in order to fend off an unwanted marriage proposal—from her own father, the king (Jean Marais). A topsy-turvy riches-to-rags fable with songs by Michel Legrand, Donkey Skin creates a tactile fantasy world that’s perched on the border between the earnest and the satiric, and features Delphine Seyrig in a delicious supporting role as a fashionable fairy godmother.

With thanks to Ciné-Tamaris

3.5/4 Slant Magazine

Here Anna Biller explains how Demy’s 1970 Donkey Skin (Peau d’Âne) directly inspired scenes in The Love Witch and how his singular career gave her the confidence to follow her own path as a director.


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New Year, New You!


Have you made yet another New Year's Resolution to overhaul your appearance, release the beast within, or disappear to start a new life altogether? Join us this January for a series of instructional films showcasing radical transformational journeys; guaranteed to inspire your own renovation!

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