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Hellfire Video Club presents

The Astrologer

New Year New You

Dir: Craig Denney, 1975, USA, 77 mins, No Cert (18)

Fri 26 January // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

A singular slice of DIY insanity from the mind of the mysterious Craig Denney!

In a not entirely dissimilar scenario to modern cult fave ‘The Room’, The Astrologer appears to be one extremely eccentric man’s calling card to the world. A grand statement from a self-defined maverick, convinced of his own genius. Unfortunately for Denney this fell on deaf ears in 1975. But we think perhaps, just maybe, the world is ready for his vision now. And what a vision it is! Coming on like some kind of figment of Matt Berry's imagination made oh-so-very-real, we follow Craig (seemingly playing himself) and his meteoric rise to fame as a superstar astrologer and diamond smuggling adventurer, his meteoric rise to fame and subsequent ventures into showbiz, as well as his spectacular fall from grace. All within the scope of a mind-boggling 77 minutes! This is genuine Outsider Art, chewed up and spat back out again. A must-see for anyone interested in the marginal cast-offs of cinematic lunacy!

Plus other audiovisual treats and Hellfire DJs spinning weirdo sounds in the bar.

“A movie that pushes ‘auteurism’ to a whole other level.” Nicholas Winding Refn

“Like Indiana Jones, meets The Jerk, meets some schizophrenic guy on crack telling you his life story.” Pat Healey, Wisconsin Film Festival.

Screening as part of:

New Year, New You!


Have you made yet another New Year's Resolution to overhaul your appearance, release the beast within, or disappear to start a new life altogether? Join us this January for a series of instructional films showcasing radical transformational journeys; guaranteed to inspire your own renovation!

Remember, a year from now, you’ll wish you started today.