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Hollow Earth Promotions and The Cube are thrilled to present an unique aural and oracular experience

Ommadon, Bismuth, and Striga go to the Pictures

Fri 21 July 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £6 advance, £8 on the door


Hailing from the Scottish highlands, Ommadon have released several splits and EPs, and six full-lengths. On them you'll find some of the bleakest, most crushing sonic experiences known to doomkind.

"If you like the feeling of chord after chord being lowered onto your prostate body like the "peine forte et dure", the late medieval method of torture and execution where weights are lowered onto the victim’s chest (having, ironically, the effect of making it harder for them to confess, easier for the torturer to pile on the weights), then this is for you. If you want to feel like the grim, green-black depths are choking the life from your lungs, then this is for you. If you want to offer yourself fully to the void, then this is for you."
-The Sleeping Shaman



You want riffs? You got riffs. You like prog? You got prog. You like your music heavy? Oh my, you're in for a treat. Slow like molten glass, and utterly hypnotic, Nottingham's Bismuth make the kind of music you feel, rather than hear.

"For me Bismuth is definitely the exception to the rule of this genre, Tanya’s has a great voice and together these two are both talented musicians as a whole, coming across like a slowed down Jucifer filled with heavier than hell distortion permeating your senses, fulfilling the devil’s needs and in the process creating a slab of pure doom at its finest."
-The Sludgelord



Local act Striga present the fastest offering on the bill, reaching up to 60bpm on some tracks! Striga blend sludge and drone with a distinct nihilistic flavour. Don't take acid when you listen to them, and beware of burning speaker cabs...

"What they present us is an obscure, raw, bass-oriented Sludge/ Doom Metal with Drone elements. It is slow-paced, asphyxiating and crude, powerful and absolutely menacing, resulting in a sinister, but, at the same time, pleasing sound to those that enjoy torturing music. We have brutal parts, which gradually grows building up a landscape of desolation and despair. Magnificent effort."
-Metal Maniac


All The Buttons All At Once DJs in the bar till late.