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The Bioskop Presents... My Best Thing (valentines Special)

Thu 14 February 2013 // 20:00

(Thursday 14th Feb / 8pm / price £5/4)

UK Cinema Film Premiere + Live music Mr_Hopkinson’s Computer + and an
action by LTA.

"Do you want to see my best thing?"

Come to the Cube for a different kind of film about love...
Cue a soap opera with random strangers having anonymous online sex across time zones.

A few years ago the American artist Frances Stark found herself a regular user of video sex chat forums. The sex, the conversations - on politics, making art, families, language barriers, watching films, smoking pot and much else make up the raw material of My Best Thing. The lines from the chat are voiced by a text-to-speech programme, and Lego-like figures made in animation freeware stand in for the characters.
This visually modest but verbally promiscuous film presents compelling material to ponder - on digital relationships,the humanity behind technology,
horniness, and the vagaries of anonymity. First shown at the 2011 Venice Biennale, the Cube is very proud to present the Cinema premiere of My Best Thing.
In the bar: newly single Mr_Hopkinson’s Computer sings songs of love and loss. Why no more duets with Audrey 2000? “It was complicated” the computer says and its eyes mist up...

In the auditorium: post-performance artists LTA (Live Timeline Actions) create affects, energies and
forcefields in and around your de-territorialised selves.

"As we know, love needs re-inventing" Art. Rimbaud.
(nb this is not your usual Valentine’s day event)