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Green Border

(Zielona granica)

Dir: Agnieszka Holland, 2023, Poland-France-Czech Republic-Belgium, 152 mins, Cert: 15

Wed 10 July // 19:30

Tickets: £5

For 45 years, Agnieszka Holland has made films with strong moral, social, and political themes, often challenging fascism, authoritarianism, patriarchy, and the oppression of women. Her notable works include "Europa Europa" (1990), a darkly humorous yet true Holocaust survival story, and the brilliant eco-feminist thriller "Spoor" (2017).

Some 30 years after Europa Europa, Holland returns with a powerful, timely and award-winning feature that speaks to the heart as it addresses global migration with striking urgency.

Unflinching in its exploration of the current migrant crisis, Green Border draws on real-life experiences of refugees journeying through the primeval forest on the Polish-Belarusian border to seek asylum in the EU. The issues are political and strategic, but here the focus is on inter-personal relationships and everyday experience.

Working with refugees and professional actors, Holland presents a variety of perspectives – refugees, aid workers and border guards – challenging us to confront complex moral choices. How would we respond? Are we comfortable with decisions made in our name? Shot in stark monochrome, Green Border is a call for compassion for those who desperately need it and a plea for humanity toward those who withhold it.

“Agnieszka Holland's devastating refugee epic reverberates with deep empathy and quiet fury.” ★★★★★ Time Out