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Day 4 Night

Daytime benefits

Fri 26 February 2016 // 11:00

Tickets: Pay what you like

4 daytime events to drop into and stay for as long as you want and pay what you want.Sharing the benefits of having a social space with tools.

Cultural, uncrafted scientific treasures for curious daytime dwellers or sum cinematic om skooling.

Film: A feature length documentary called Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon. A riveting film that utilizes meditative footage taken at sites of police violence, experimental film-making techniques, and archival newsreel to tell a history of the conflict between the Portland police and community members throughout the past fifty years. and those looking for an alternative form of protecting and serving the community. 2.30pm

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/112031200

Deep Ear: Neil Young's 'Tonight's The Night' gets played back IN full, IN the auditorium. The music and its history can then be chatted about . "I mean was he a heavy doper or was he just a loser?" Only 2 albums after 'Harvest' comes this fragile, angry and exposed set of trks, that hang together in that crazed Young way. 1pm

Treasure Hunt: A rhythmic, rhyming, playful set of clues/verse leads one through a maze of poetic possibilities to some kind of prize. Adults welcome. Midday

Talk: Quantum Physics For Kids (Adults welcome). A 30 min all action presentation pinballing around the giddy topics of being in more than one place at once, subatomic particles and the search of metaphor? Dr Pasternak enlightens. 11.15am