Bingo Fury presents...

Sun 23 April // 20:00

Tickets: £4 or £5 OTD

The second instalment of nights curated by local artist Bingo Fury. With the first show in February being a sellout success, this is tipped to be another evening of sonic delight. 

The New Eves

The New Eves are a Brighton quartet who have been labeled as one of the country’s most spellbinding new bands. Their unique sound, visual allure and multi-instrumental talent has been attracting crowds near and far since arriving onto the scene in 2022. Emerging from the rich tapestry of creatives in Brighton, the lineup consist of Ella Russell (drums, flute, vocals), Nina Winder-Lind (cello, guitar,vocals), Kate Mager (bass) and Violet Corke (violin, guitar, vox). Their sound is an amalgam of genres and styles, spanning folk, post punk, rock & art rock. 

Minor Foot

A supergroup formed of Bristol bands Minor Conflict and Foot Foot. Coming together for a one-off performance, the combined sounds of these two bands will be an exploration into post-punk, post-folk, jazz, experimental and electronic. Instruments include drums, violins, cello, harp, percussion, clarinet, synth, bass, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and saw. It'll be a unique performance and one not to be missed.