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Bit-Phalanx presents

Gudrun Gut / Barbara Morgenstern / Pilocka Krach / Sonae

Monika Enterprise : 20th Anniversary

Sat 18 November 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £10 advance

Bit-Phalanx Music proudly present an evening with the brilliant & pioneering Monika-Enterprise label from Berlin, as part of their 'Monika Werkstatt : 20th Anniversary' European tour.

Listen to the album here: 

Featuring solo & collaborative / experimental sets from:

• gudrun gut - http://www.gudrungut.com/
• Barbara Morgenstern - http://www.barbaramorgenstern.de/
• PILOCKA KRACH - http://www.pilockakrach.com/
• Sonae - http://www.sonaemusic.net/ 

Plus additional support TBA. Tickets available from Headfirst and Bristol Ticket Shop.

About Monika Werkstatt: 

Communities and alliances are the right antidotes to the reactionary tendency towards isolation that characterises our time. When we’re among like-minded people, pressure alleviates, sincere exchange takes place, and we stimulate each other. For this reason, Gudrun Gut rounded up female musicians and producers from the entourage of her label, Monika-Enterprise.

This project is called Monika Werkstatt, and it’ll be accompanied by the release of a kaleidoscopic album. For its UK shows, the Werkstatt will be represented by Barbara Morgenstern, Pilocka Krach, Sonae and Gudrun Gut gut herself. Their collective motto for the evening is: »Live and Work / Dream and Make an Impact«.

At the same time we celebrate twenty years of Monika-Enterprise Berlin label work.