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Absurdist A/V JUMBLE SAIL #6 with mr_hopkinson, Paul Hanson, Matt Davies, Melanie Clifford, Matthew Olden, Cord of the Cob, Snoozie and mr_stoloff

Fri 12 July // 19:00

Tickets: £2

The Jumble sets Sail again!

Stowaway on a strange trip through physical media’s flotsam & jetsam, mixed & re-fixed live on ancient VJ equipment in the cinema with full use of the cinema surround sound, with happenings and installations in the other Cube spaces.

More some sort of absurdist AV lounge than a gig -  generously cheap door, and typically cheap Cube bar.

Odd instructional & educational DVDs & the like salvaged, wronged, steered & veered by messers David Hopkinson & Paul Hanson on Pioneer DVD-J decks & FX with accompaniment from Matt Davies and Melanie Clifford on the surround, plus special appearances by Steve Davis and Gaz Williams as The Ice Cream Men, and the all important box of something concoted by Snoozie.

Washed up Vinyl for the picking at a pound a pop.

Warm welcoming and weird : an odd and financially accessible soothing balm (or enlivening irritant) made with the curious in mind for these otherwise wearisome times