Membership Role Guide

This is a guide on how to carry out the membership role.


Turn up an hour before the doors open for the event unless it states to turn up earlier on the rota.

The Cube is a membership cinema; everyone who comes has to join for £1, this enables us to:

• It means we can sign people up to our email list, which is one of our best marketing tool.

• We can show uncertified films, get better deals from some film distributors, qualify for a cheaper rate for our music performance licenses, we don’t have to pay corporation tax and VAT on membership income.

Let the Front of House person know your here and if you haven’t done membership before as they can show you how.

• If it’s a music night that's likely to be busy the front of house desk might be right be the entrance to the building, it can be a bit cold there so bring a coat or jumper.

• Ensure there are enough membership cards available and that they each have one stamp on the back.

• Ensure you have the clipboard and a sufficient amount of membership sheets to enter details of any new members, if theres not many you can print some in the Cube Office off the computer there Blank forms are here:

• Clean up the Cube in collaboration with FOH and other vols if need be.

Explaining membership main points:

• Their £1 is for a full lifetime membership. However, they need to bring the card with them every time, or they will have to rejoin.

• Every time they bring the card with them they should get a stamp on the back, once they have six stamps they get a free film by presenting the card to the Cube, if they do this give them a new card.

Once show has started:

• You usually won’t need to stay on front of house for more than 5-10 minutes - Check with the FOH person, often they will let you go in at the start unless really busy.

• If you don't wish to watch the show:

• you can enter any new members' details onto the membership database using one of the Office PC, check the clipboard as well for any new members and add them as well, FOH will need to log you in to here as an admin to do this.

• Help with bar, if trained up especially if they want to watch the show.

At the end of the film or performance

• Enter the members details on to membership database, if you haven’t already (see above).

• Help the Usher to clean & tidy the auditorium check with the FOH person what other cleaning & tidying needs to be done

• Let the FOH person know when you leave, or if you don't have have to leave straight away stay for a drink and a chat!