How to Run Inductions

At the start of the induction, as with any non-volunteer on the premises, new inductees need of be aware of where all of the Emergency Exits are, and are informed what to do in the event of an evacuation

Have you been to the cube before?

Potted history of the Cube - started out from Club Rombus, bit of history about the building

  • How the Cube is funded - no-one gets paid, we take no funding from anyone which allows autonomy of programming

  • We are a non-profit business - our goal is not to create profit but rather to remain independent. It doesn't mean we can't make profit, just that if we do we have to spend it or save for contingency purposes.

  • We are a membership cinema

  • Buying the Cube - let them know that the Cube was bought by Microplex Holdings after some pretty successful fundraising.

Roles and how cube runs:

Roles to start with: Bar & Membership, ushering- talk about each role and the benefits.

  • Other roles which need more training / experience include: Usher, bar manager, FOH, projection, day staff, sound tech, lighting & lots of others. If there's anything they want to get involved in, encourage them to ask around until they find someone willing to train them. Expectation is for the individual to seek out the things they are interested in

  • Everyone should clean!

  • Programmed by teams: Live events, Film, Cabaret, Performance - meet regularly, and most have their own email list. New volunteers can attend.

  • Encourage people to get more involved - we always need more FOH, sound techs and music programmers! but it's up to them what they give - If they are interested in something specific, put them in touch with another volunteer who can show them the ropes

  • People naturally look for hierarchies in work environments. Make sure they understand there are no managers at the Cube, just people who have taken on responsible roles / people who've been here for a long time. For example - explain that the bar manager is not the manager of the bar staff

  • Explain that we have a Safer Spaces Agreement and Relational Agreement to protect all people using the Cube.



We mostly have events in the evenings - films, gigs, performance - if you've been to one type of event before why not try some of the others.

  • If it's your first shift go & introduce yourself to FOH who will introduce you to Bar Mgr/Projectionist etc

  • If you have a burning passion to put on an event then bring it to the meeting!

  • Monday Volunteer meeting cake fest


  • Free tea, coffee and soft drinks

  • An opportunity to run their own events

  • Training / personal development

  • Volunteer bar prices

  • Free entry to films & events

  • Use of Cube computers - YES!

  • A chance to be part of something SPECIAL!

The Rota

  • Rota is now online and this is where you should sign up for shifts

  • Show them the rota and encourage them to sign up for their first shift there and then - explain that if they write 'new' in brackets after their name if will help other volunteers working that night to know that they might need some guidance

  • Volunteers can sign up for as much or as little as they like, but it's a good idea to try to come down regularly to start with so that you get to make friends

  • Give/send them the URL, login and password for the rota and the wiki (the 'volunteer' user name and password)

  • Explain the importance of arriving in good time, as all volunteers 'muck in' together to get the place ready to open.

  • If you can't make a shift you need to us know as soon as possible, via an email to the vols list.

Volunteers' email list

  • Explain about the emails (and the ability to filter them). Explain the existence of digest mode, which bundles multiple mails into one mail reducing the number of mails

  • Make sure they know the address to email the list

Other bits

  • Get them to talk about themselves - have they been to the Cube before? What do they hope to get out of volunteering?

  • You get out what you put in - chances are no-one will ask you why you're not spending more time here or tell you what to do so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

  • If your first shift is rubbish, give it another go!

  • If people don't introduce themselves it's more than likely that they're either new themselves or haven't been down for ages so don't realise that you're new. Say hi & introduce yourself!

  • Don't wait for emails offering training - if you want to do something then tell people

  • Behaviour / grievances - no set in stone rules, more of an understanding about being respectful and tolerant. If they have any problems, they should talk to any other volunteer that they trust


  • A walk around at the start of the induction is a good opportunity to show them the fire exits in a more informal way.

  • Explain the names of the different areas (Lounge, Zone, Void).

  • Hint that there's more to the Cube than they've seen, but it's up to them to discover it!


An induction must include the following:

  1. An entry in the 'volunteers profiles' database with contact details, email, phone, photo(Use the application cheese on the left most office PC to take a picture), date of induction, names of inductors and if known already, roles.

  2. Subscription to mailing list of that entry

  3. How to use the online rota

  4. They have to read the new volunteers H&S form and sign to say they've read and understood. Their profile on toolikit can then be marked as having done the general H&S training; Media:Cube_New_Vol_Safety_Handbook_&_Signing_Sheet_Oct_18.pdf

  5. They understand that to begin with membership and bar staff are the roles they can do. It's a problem if they put themselves down for FoH by mistake.

All inductions have to be signed off by a key holder in order to comply with the Company Risk Assessment which forms part of our approved Fire Safety Procedures