Cube Safer Spaces Agreement


This is an agreement based on how we want to relate to one another within the Cube and more widely as a Cube community.

We want the Cube to be an anti-oppressive space that celebrates diversity, difference and freedom of expression this means a space:

• Where we enable one another to feel welcome, safe, respected and able to be ourselves in whatever way we see fit

• Where gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, educational background or other difference between us is accepted as just that: a difference

• Where no one is belittled, spoken-down to, silenced, negatively pre-judged or otherwise oppressed on account of their differences

• Where we pay attention to the differences between us and the ways that some differences work to privilege some of us in certain contexts

• Where we actively work to minimize the oppressive effects of these privileges through reflection on and modification of the ways we interact

• Where we commit to ‘call-out’ oppression when we experience or witness it

• Where we accept that we may be ‘called out’ when others feel we are not living by this agreement – and where we accept such challenges with gratitude, as an opportunity to learn

• Where no one is abused, psychologically or physically Where anyone who feels unsafe, oppressed or abused in any way, feels confident to call it out and/or or to seek support knowing that they will be treated seriously, with care and compassion

We know that creating anti-oppressive spaces is a long and difficult process.

Reflecting on privilege, oppression and modifying the subtle (and not so subtle!) ways we interact takes effort and time. We embark on this journey knowing that we stumble along the way but commit to keep going because the path leads to a more equal world.

If you have any experiences that go against our safer spaces policy you can email the Cube welfare at and we will look into your concerns.