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Cardboard Club Presents:

Cardboard Club: Food People; Robert Ridley-Shackleton; Yoke

Sat 23 July // 20:00

Tickets: £7 full/£5 concession

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woww Cardboard Club is excited 2 have a big brassy show 4 u at the cube

and oh my mangos have we a show 4 u.


Food People

comprised of three of the loveliest mangoes from the no audience underground, with music released on Chocolate Monk, Soundholes and now finally Cardboard Club. Yeahhh on the night food people play the cube we will have their new split tape out with another snack band called Human Heads on this handsome cassette. Ready 4 u 2 grip. But wat do they bloody sound like rob? Im glad u asked. All three have very different instruments and ways of building the gurny churning fog in your ears 2 make u feel good. There's one member providing radio static / percussion-esque rhythms. Another member spiraling strings around and inside your brain and lugs. And then the other mango in this triple threat burns and earns his reverbed out no waving guitar. Well yeah in a way though. check them out here if u wanna hear:




Robert Ridley-Shackleton

the funkiest mango to rustle the tupperware until it catched on then the youth started imitating. Things went pair shaped and the cardboard prince started handing out cease and desists 2 the fans and people kinda went off the prince . But now he has redeemed himself cuz thats all old news innit. He often plays funky backing tracks and fumbles his thoughts through the mic with his gob. He may get the tupperware out but it could make him send his own sorry arse to court. Listen here:





Possibly one of THE best formations of free improverz that this sweet city has. Comprised of Rebecca Sneddon on sax, Robin Foster on drums, Matthew Grigg on guitar and Joseph Kelly on Double Bass, they r all in tune 2 their tune and its the baddest tune to make your body shake. When these mangos really start hitting it hard I feel I need something to bite, some chewing gum, a stick, anything, oh good god cuz my body cant stop churning and gurning, and once they stop u will feel like butter.




£7 a ticket, which u can get through headfirst

we r looking 4ward 2 seeing u


keep it card xxx