Cube Cinema Freehold

raised of our £185,000 goal !!!
read HERE our plans for the surplus

THANKYOU everyone

On 11 December 2013 over £10,000 of donations poured in over the course of a single day, pushing us past the amount required to buy the building. We did it! April 1st 2014 the building officially passed into our hands. Successfully raising the building purchase price is only really the beginning - important and significant works need to happen, including long pent-up and exciting plans for improvements and renovations.

The contributions which continue to come in will all help fund these aims - if you wish to be a part of this, details of how to donate are here.

The new phase we move into now is subject to planning, design, consultancy and extensive thought and discussion around how best to move the project forwards. In the meantime there are a whole host of more basic repairs and upgrades that will directly benefit the experience the public has of the building when they visit, such as better heating, overhauled toilets, better services to operational equipment, storage, access and many many more cosmetic as well as intrinsic works.

The re-purposing, redevelopment, redesign, conservation, renovation has already started in the form of ideas and plans but these can move ahead now in earnestness that the future is secure for the site and the buildings. Huge thanks to the tremendous support from the Cube community - together we all did it. We raised the money to secure the Cube Cinema building as a community arts space forever. Now let's start the upgrade . . .