CUBE archive.


(Friday 1 June / 7.30pm / 7 advance, 9 on the door)

Lucky Dragons is the musical project of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, who are
known as much for their mesmerising live events as for the glitchy, woozy
experimental electronica caught on records like Dream Island Laughing Language
and this year's Existers. As much at home in art galleries as gig venues, they
create unique collaborative and interactive events in which audience
participation figures highly.

Hailing from Leeds and London, experimental ambient group Ten are led by Dominic
Deane. Combining keys, shoegaze, noise, percussion, glockenspiel and strings,
their atmospheric soundscapes can be heard on records including their latest EP,
East of the Elm.

Silver Stairs of Ketchikan is the solo project of Charlie from Thought Forms.
With echoing guitars, drones and shimmering washes of sound, she builds from
meditative sonic landscapes to intense bursts of noise.

LTA (Live Timeline Actions) is a live art project which recruits members of the
audience to investigate deterritorialised energies and social force fields at
each site it visits. At the Cube LTA will be inviting  audience members on stage
to take part in a ritual involving ceiling projections and rum-drinking.

With very special DJ Minotaur Shock.